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Already during my art course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, I launched my quest for the perfect jewel. Whereas I used to focus more on the content in the past, I now create pieces based on age-old, simple designs. I let myself be guided by my intuition and feelings. I play around with endless colour combinations and compositions until I achieve the essence of the design. Understated but never too stark. 


My collection is timelessly elegant, with almost a classic style but with its own distinctive signature. All pieces are considered “pièces uniques” as every stone is completely unique in terms of colour or shape and everything is made by hand in our own workshop. I enjoy selecting gems from my trusted suppliers and call on their expertise. This is a team effort involving me, Raf, Hanneke, Guy and Johan, which I find enriching. We complement each other in every aspect of creative freedom. It is the unique contribution each of us makes that you see reflected in what we create.

I use yellow gold to ensure that the jewel emanates warmth. The gold used is mainly recycled. I work exclusively with natural materials in my studio. You will never see synthetic stones or lab-grown diamonds in the pieces designed by me. 

Model met hand op het gezicht met goudgele ringen met edelstenen aan ringvinger


The financial value of a jewel is often exceeded by the emotion that people attach to it. As a designer, I feel it is a privilege to work with the infinite beauty of nature and it is important that we handle it with respect. Consider carefully, buy the right pieces and enjoy wearing them.


My team and I are available to you with advice both before and after you make your purchase. Whether you are looking to have your jewel polished or adjusted ... we are happy to help you so that you can gain enjoyment from wearing it again.